Sun Diego Team Rider Jack Dempsey

jack demsey_feat image

Seaside reef loc/all around shredder Jack Dempsey just got added to our Surf Team. Welcome to the team Jack!

jack salt creek 002

What are your future plans with surfing?

 – I plan to surf in college contests and plan to go on some surf trips

What’s your home break?

 – Seaside Reef

Have you been on any good surf trips?

 – yea. Costa Rica, it was so sick



What do you when you’re not surfing?

 -skate, fish, hang with friends, soccer

Who’s your favorite band right now?

 – Don’t really have one I listen to everything

What’s your favorite brand that Sun Diego carries?

 – Volcom






2 Responses to Sun Diego Team Rider Jack Dempsey

  1. Jack Dempsey rocks! Best surfer at Seaside and the pictures prove it! All the Dempsey boys are quite
    the surfer dudes! Peace out!

  2. Congratulations Jack…you rock!

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